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Apr 11, 2017

3rd Time Winner of Video Game Music Acedemy's Composition Quest

Ronan McQuillan

Quest Winner, 12/04/17

Quest Completed - "Something Borrowed" - Quest Log Lvl 1 (download the quest log at

Use at least one Borrowed Chord in one of your compositions. Borrowed chords give you new and exciting options for harmonizing your melodies. 

Thanks to Dan Hulsman for his kind words.


"This week's winner goes to... Ronan McQuillan! As always, he delivers on production value in a major way - but he also is really mindful of the fact that he's composing music for games. It's reflected in instrumentation, the style, the mix: I could easily see this dropped into several different game scenarios. Congrats, Ronan!"

Feb 27, 2017

DkIT's Composing for Games course music to Ronan's ears

Although Ronan McQuillan from Termonfeckin in Co Louth is an accomplished singer, musician, composer, producer and sound designer with a track record in music composition for advertising and other commercial projects, when a friend asked him ... to come up with music for a video game it opened a whole new challenge for him.

Feb 06, 2017

Ronan McQuillan

Quest Winner, 2/6/17

Quest Completed: “Something Strange & Wonderful” – Write a melody using an instrument you’ve never used before whose name you aren’t even 100% sure how to pronounce. (Quest Log Lvl 1)

Thanks for the kind words Dan Hulsman.

"*drum roll* This week's winner was Ronan McQuillan! Really enjoyed his track from start to finish, and Mr. Over-Achiever seamlessly incorporated 5 strange and wonderful instruments into his mix. Congrats, Ronan! The Hall of Champions welcomes you back!"

Jan 16, 2017

Ronan McQuillan

Quest Winner, 1/16/2017

Quest Completed: “The Julie Andrews” – Use a human voice to sing the melody of at least an entire section.  (Quest Log Level 1)

Comments by Dan Hulsman:

"I felt instantly transported by his track submission, and really enjoyed his use of vocal harmonies throughout. Congrats, Ronan - the Hall of Champions awaits you!"

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